What we do
We are DIIP. A creative collective focused on audiovisual production and post production. We seek to inspire the senses through the mix of Visual Effects with Live Action. Led by a team of creative people and experts in developing projects that promote visual storytelling around the world.
We like to daydream; we believe in fighting to achieve what we want to reach. We don't work, we have fun! We are passionate about designing, that is why we put our everything into each project. All our desire, all our love, WE GIVE OUR ALL. We are curious, we like to research, read, see, and listen. We learn from what we do well and what we do wrong. We enter fiercely, we believe in ourselves and in the team we have. We don’t have prejudice, we listen, we understand, we analyze and we propose. We are a collective that dreams, creates, innovates, challenges and dares.
We have more than  10 years of experience creating audiovisual content in live action, documentary films and stop motion. We also have extensive experience in visual effects and post - production including CGI, composition, design, 2D and 3D animation, editing and coloring video clips, developing digital content, commercials, documentaries and interactive experiences. . We are pioneers in the production and post-production of digital content in real time for events worldwide. We are Diip.

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