El Reguetón de la Corrupción - Daniel Samper - Hola Soy Danny | Videoclip
Client: Daniel Samper - Hola Soy Danny (YouTube Channel)
Production: Diip Studio 
Direction: Oscar Otero 
Direction Assistant: Roberto Pulido 
General Production: Daniella Espinel 
Direction of Photography: Cristian Mendoza 
Art Direction: Astrid Ramírez 
Styling: Daniela Cadena 
Postproduction: Diip Studio 
Post Team: 
Director: Oscar Otero 
Editor: Roberto Pulido 

In Colombia on August 26th, 2018 the anti-corruption consultation was held. With this videoclip, the Colombian politicians and famous youtubers invited the people of the country to vote for the YES. (#7VecesSí)
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