STEM By Me | Digital Lessons
Client: Telefónica Educación Digital 
General Direction: Oscar Otero 
Production: Diip Studio | Rhino Films 
Postproduction: Diip Studio Post Team: 
Director and animator: Oscar Otero 
Production Assistant: Juan Diego Santos 
Project Manager: María Ximena Ramírez 
Animator and compositor: Daniel Cantor 
Digital Artist: Camilo Rojas | Sebastián Camilo Guzmán 

Based on the need to communicate complex issues, such as STEM subjects (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) on which the STEMbyme platform of Telefónica Educación Digital focuses and bearing in mind that it is focused on Ibero-American children and young people with For the purpose of learning and having fun, a series of 27 videos are made seeking to communicate these topics in a friendly and user-friendly way.
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